Saturday, April 26, 2014

Frankie 100 Harlem: Savoy Ballroom Plaque Meetup! Sunday May 25th at NOON (12pm)

Dance where it all Began!

Frankie 100 HARLEM:


SUNDAY   May 25th


For those in town 
for Frankie 100:

 Come and Meet -n- Greet 
with your Dance Cousins

A Jazzy and Soulful
 Blend and Mix 
of Music


STOP! In the Name of SOUL: Motown and More - A Swinging Harlem SOUL Soiree



STOP! In the Name of SOUL

Motown and More: 
A Swinging 

8:30pm to 12:30am


$10 pp

Come on and Dance!

Review the Soulful Rhythms 
Of a lifetime with your Dance Cousins from -

District of Columbia - Hand Dance
North Carolina - Swing Out
Philadelphia - Philly Bop
Chicago - Steppers

(And Line Dance too!)


Join us for the Fun - 
And for the SOUL

Dance at the GYM

P.S. 175 - Henry H Garnet


Harlem, NY 10030

More details coming - stay tuned!

Ryan Francois: Frankie100HARLEM Special - Frankie's Fundamentals


Special HARLEM

Swing Dance Class

Master Ryan Francois


10am  to  11:30am

Only $25pp !

 Learn The Fundamentals – and Frankie…

Learning your fundamentals is an essential part of Ryan’s workshops to improve your basic steps (triple steps, rock steps, twists and kicks), and as well as your base vocabulary. Explore more on Swing Outs, Texas Tommy's, Break Aways and other jazz steps. Additionally to tribute Frankie Manning be introduced to some of Frankie's favorite moves: The Slip Slop, Points, Pecking, The Twirl and many more! 

This class is aimed at all levels from intermediate and above. Count it a rare delightful treat while in NYC and Harlem celebrating Frankie 100!


Hansboro Recreation Center 

Dance Room - 2nd floor (elevator)
35 West 134th Street (bet Lenox and 5th Aves)
HARLEM: NY, NY 10037

Save your Spot - Hurry!  
Click on the link and see you there!

About Mr. Ryan: The Instructor

Ryan Francois a 2 time winner of the U.S. Open and American Swing Dance Championships is the foremost authority in the US & UK on all dances connected and related to the Jazz & Swing era - which includes The Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, Charleston, Tap, Be Bop and Blues. 

He has most recently finished choreographing the Jive & Lindy Hop for the UK series of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. His unique and very modern approach to traditional styles of dance are very much in demand.

Ryan is the founder and Artistic director of the dance Company Swing X - Treme a fusion based group specializing in Ryan’s favorite dance style, The Lindy Hop.

His best works to date are for the BROADWAY SHOW “SWING”nominated for 7 Tony Awards - including best choreography, The Disney Motion Picture “Swing Kids” Starring Christian Bale & Robert Sean Leonard and “Do You Come Here Often” winner of the Olivier Award for best entertainment. 

 Other credits include
  • Strictly Dance Fever  Seasons 1 & 2 _ BBC Television Featured Performer; Choreographer
  • Dancing With The Stars _ ABC Network - Guest Artist
  • Britain’s Got Talent  _ITV - Choreographer ‘Candyman’ _ Swing X-Treme and The Irresistible’s
  • The Tony Awards _ The cast of “Swing”  at Radio City Music Hall - Choreographer and Performer.

In a career that has spanned over 20 years
 one of his favorite moments is the film “Idlewild” 
with the music group OutKast for it’s innovation 
of fusing Hip Hop with Swing


Limited Space - Get Ready!

Swing the Blues! Blues in the Groove - May 23rd for Frankie 100!


May 23rd  

 8:30pm  to 12:30am

  Blues in the Groove:
 A Harlem Swing, Rhythm
 and The Blues Jam!



From Ray Charles...  to Mary J Blige... 

to Duke Ellington...  to Etta James... 

to Billie Holiday...  to John Legend...


DJ'd Classics: The 20th and 21st Centuries!


Location: RAWSPACE

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (7th Ave)

(bet. 121st and 122nd Streets)

HARLEM: New York, NY 10027

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Jitterbug Jive is Alive! Dance Workshop with Harvest Moon Ball Legends - during Frankie 100

The Harlem Swing Dance Society presents

Harlem's Heritage 
Dance Workshop Series



of the



Harvest Moon Ball 




Harvest Moon Ball

1971 and 1976

Do you REALLY know what it took to win
The Harvest Moon Ball 
of the 60's and 70's?
They'll let you know....  

A Two Part Series!

Part 1
A Taste of Harlem's Award Winning Jitterbug Jive!
Get the Real Deal close up from those who were part of Harlem's  trailblazing winning Harvest Moon Ball (HMB) years - with the Jitterbug Jive! Learn Lindy Hop patterns that were inspired by Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Tops Lee and the rest of Whiteys Lindy Hopper's. This was the inspiration that motivated future Harvest Moon Ball participants of Harlem while Frankie Manning was in retirement.   

Savoy Manor Survivors Crystal Johnson (HMB winner 1972) and Clementine "Tiny" Thomas  (HMB Winner 1971) were there with some of the Savoy Ballroom HMB Contestants and Champs of the 50's. Let them tell you who taught and trained them, see rare HMB artifacts, and who came back to Harlem to inspire them firsthand.  Another rare experience for your Frankie 100 weekend!

                              Swing Dancers

Part 2  

Tasting Harlem's Jitterbug Jive: Steps, Beats and Rhythm

Step to the Baaaad Side: Footwork was an essential part of the legendary Harvest Moon Ball Lindy Hop contest... and when Crystal Johnson (HMB winner 1972) and Clementine "Tiny" Thomas  (HMB Winner 1971) were contestants from the 1960's this did not change.  With their award winning Jitterbug Jive skills they will share some of the classic steps that have been carried down from generation to generation. 

You will get a taste on how to be improvisational when applying this material for competitions.  See first hand how the training was no joke in conditioning and training the body positions.  Included with this rare treat are a special view of their archival materials, learning who exactly Mama Lou Parks was and hearing how Harlemites joined forces  back in the day at the Savoy Manor to make the extensive run of Harvest Moon Ball Championships possible!

Your Instructors

Crystal Johnson is a 2nd generation Harvest Moon Ball Winner: Her dad was Preston "Tops" Lee who won some 30 years prior to her with his partner Wilda Crawford.  Her treasured archival materials belong in the Schomburg Research Center in Harlem.  She can relate many unique and exciting experiences as a Harvest Moon Ball contestant, winner and Champion... and as a Mama Lou Parks dancer (being a Parkette).
She continues to teach and inspire others to treasure the history Harlemites within the Savoy Ballroom and the Savoy Manor honed and perfected for future generations.  One of her goals is to see the Harvest Moon Ball competition authentically return to Harlem.

 Clementine "Tiny" Thomas is a living Legend: She is the only person to win for the Jitterbug Jive (Lindy Hop) twice for the Harvest Moon Ball: 1971 and 1976.  Her treasured archive materials belong in the Schomburg Research Center in Harlem for future generations to see.  Her zeal and enthusiasm from her dance experiences with Harlem Lindy Hop legends from the Savoy Ballroom are enough for a book! 

Since that time she followed the Savoy Ballroom of the 50's tradition of giving back and teaching other participants and youth (including her son, who won under Mama Lou Parks' Harvest Moon Ball) the skills that brought her many awards.  She longs to see Harlem recapture and treasure their Harvest Moon Ball traditions.

Swing Dancers


Friday May 23rd

Part 1 - A Taste of Harlem's Jitterbug Jive

Location: RAWSPACE

7:30pm - 8:30pm

$15 pp

Saturday May 24th

Part 2 - 

Tasting Harlem's Jitterbug Jive: Steps, Beats and Rhythm

Location: Joseph P. Kennedy Community Center (JPK)

10am - 11:30am


Swing Dancers

(May 23rd)

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (7th Ave)

(bet. 121st and 122nd Streets)

HARLEM: New York, NY 10027

Joseph P. Kennedy 
Community Center (JPK)
(May 24th)

34 West 134 Street  
(bet. Lenox and 5th Aves)
Green Room - Basement
HARLEM: NY, NY 10037

Payment  Method

Click the link and save your spot!

For more information on 
regular Harlem classes and events:

The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS)

 347 - 709 - 7022