Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Tuesday: Give to Preserve Harlem's Rich Dance Culture for Youth

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  Give to a noteworthy Harlem non profit: #Giving The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS) plans on bringing to Harlem's youth their Swing dance and the Lindy Hop legacy with our Youth program.

All and any amounts appreciated to have this exciting folk dance re-ignited in the Village of Harlem! The Harlem Swing Dance Society team is aiming for the best in 2015 in reaching Harlem's youth

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Harvest Moon Ball Legends with Barbara Bronx
Can you name all of them and the years???

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The 2014 Harvest Moon Ball Swing Dance - Harlem History for All! Nov 8th 2014

2014:The Harvest Moon Ball Swing Dance

On November 8th The Harlem Swing Dance Society partnered with the NYC Parks and Recreation to have the annual Harvest Moon Ball (HMB)Swing Dance with HMB Champions and Winners present to tell their stories.

Beatrice Pierce with her partner Smitty (John Smith) in 1953 
- and here she is today just as sharp!

Beatrice Pierce (Champ, 1953), Barbara Billups (3rd Place, 1958) and Sonny Allen (Champ, 1958) represented the Last of the Best of the Savoy Ballroom era. 

Sonny Allen                             Barbara Billups

Representing the Savoy Manor era we had two rare and history making champions present: Clementine "Tiny" Thomas (a TWO time Champ, 1971 and 1976) and Crystal Johnson who is a 2nd generation champion! Crystal won in 1972, and her father Tops Lee (of Tops and Wilder) won in 1940.  Needless to say THIS will never happen again, and these two brought a few prized artifacts for all to view.

Ralph Hopkins and Bernard Dove

  The surprise of the evening was Ralph Hopkins, a 2nd and 3rd place winner in the late 1960's and 1970's with a slew of medals to prove it - and getting back into his costume of over 40 plus yeas ago!  His partner back in the day was Sheryl D. Sullivan..... yes the daughter of George Sullivan and Sugar Sullivan 1955 Champions


 Recounting and hearing their first hand experiences had many guests excited; this with a free dance lesson,classic film clips, music and social dancing made the evening electric and memorable!   The words were repeated over and over: "Lets bring this back to Harlem and it's youth!"


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Intermediate Swing Dance Class - Tuesdays Swing in Harlem at JPK!

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Harlem Swing Dance Class
Spirit Moves Styling


With Instructors 
Mimi Liu and Jeff Leyco

7 pm - and Only $10pp

***For DECEMBER***

Lt. Joseph P Kennedy Center
34 West 134 St
 (enter thru 135thSt)

 Info LINE: 

347 -709 - 7022

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

TUESDAYS Swing! Beginner Swing Dance Class at 7pm for only $7!

Lindy Hop is the original social swing dance 

of the 1930's and 40's Big Band Swing era. 

Where was it named and perfected?


at the world famous Savoy Ballroom

Come and join 

The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS)

with Savoy Ballroom Legend

 Sonny Allen 

and learn how to dance 

Harlem's famous cultural art form!


7pm for only $7

Lt. Joseph P Kennedy Center
34 West 134 St (enter thru 135thSt)

Info LINE: 347 -709 - 7022