Thursday, June 7, 2007

HSDS Swinging News!

A Belated Message:

To all of you who attended the Goodman/Webb Savoy Anniversary Dance -

THANK YOU! Thanks for making the 1st Swing Dance a success! It was a pleasure to see all of you from The Apple and surrounding areas and also to you hard core swingers who made the trek from Britain, Canada, and Mexico! We'd like to publicly thank for their support:

The Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center
*Fernando Salicrup *Phil Schaap *Marsha Durham *Karen Arthur
*Terry Monaghan *Donald Trump *The Eddie Durham Estate
*Lana Turner *The Savoy Bakery *Lady Eddie *Harlem One Stop
*Harlem Newspapers *Various Calendar Listings *Various Dance Websites
*HARLEMITES and *The Savoy Ballroom Survivors

Upcoming News:

The Harlem Swing Dance Society, in conjunction with the Eddie Durham Estate (, are planning to do a Swing Dance this August with the Harlem Week celebration! We'll keep you informed as to where and when and more details in the near future...
So Swing Back and celebrate before it's too late!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Don't Miss it!

FLASHBACK to HARLEM on May 11th 1937: The World Famous Savoy Ballroom is PACKED – thousands are turned away! This is a Historic Night because “The King of Swing” Benny Goodman has traveled uptown to battle his band with HARLEM’s King of Swing Chick Webb’s band and thousands are present to witness what was termed at the time as…

"The Music Battle of the Century"

FAST FORWARD to HARLEM on May 11th 2007: 70 years later that Battle still lives on in the hearts and minds of Jazz Enthusiasts all over the world: Including Musicians, Historians – and of course Dancers! In fact a few of those who were there to witness it are still around to speak of it..... And on this night many will be back to recreate the Memories, Music and Dance that were embellished in ‘37 and then take it to a new and higher level!

We, The Harlem Swing Dance Society, are warmly welcoming you as Educators, Friends and Neighbors to support this long over due Harlem Anniversary Event! “Harlem’s Savoy 70th Anniversary Band Battle Dance” promises to be an evening you’ll never forget! Be sure to let others know of this Historic Night of Memories and Dance: There will be Classic Film clips, Classy Music of that era, Classy People, Classy Soul Food and THE SAVOY BAKERY (savoy bakery - welcome)!
And – of course Classy Memorable Dancing to top it off!

To get info on how to get tickets and paypal option
Call 917 - 941 - 0935!
View the complete profile of Bronx Barbie for another Info link that includes more details for this long awaited Event!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

5 Eleven Oh 7: Harlem's Savoy Ballroom Anniversary Swing Dance!

YES - on May 11th 2007 we'll remember and Dance in tribute to the Savoy Ballroom and the Benny Goodman / Chick Webb Band Battle of 70 years earlier!
Stay tuned - More info concerning this Special Night and the World Famous Savoy Ballroom will be here! As for how to get tickets online please email !