Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 23rd:SAVE the RENNY (Renaissance Ballroom) FYI Meeting

The Renaissance Ballroom 
and Casino


Monday February 23rd 

  Save the Renny  

6pm to 8:30pm

 Informational Meeting  

Encouraging the preserving of 

The Renaissance Ballroom:

 Also known as “The Renny”  

 The Harlem Renaissance Ballroom and Casino
was a large reception hall where
 African Americans would gather for entertainment. 

Completed in 1924, this cultural icon accentuated Harlem; it showcased accomplishments of African Americans, as during the Harlem Renaissance period was a time of artistic revolution and culture. William Roach & Joseph Sweeney were overseeing the only major black-owned uptown
 theater during this time. 

The two story tall building had 
a 900-seat movie theater,
 a large space for dances, meetings,
 private parties, and even sporting events! 

Home for the famous "Rens”

 The first all African American 

professional basketball team 

in the nation.

Film, Discussion, Q&A 

and Petition Signage 

Lt Joseph P Kennedy Center
34 West 134 St
NY NY 10037

For more information call

 The Harlem Swing Dance Society

 347 – 709 – 7022

 or email 

 If  you cannot make this event 

 sign the petition online at